Selected talks

Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics of Anharmonic Chains ESI (février 1999)
Linear response for nonequilibrium steady states of open quantum systems ICMP Rio de Janeiro (août 2006)
Open quantum systems out of equilibrium: Recent developments in nonequilibrium quantum statistical mechanis ETH Zürich (juillet 2007)
Transport in quasifree fermionic systems Oberwolfach (mars 2007)
Spectral analysis of a completely positive map and thermal relaxation of a QED cavity ETH Zürich (juin 2009)
Entropic fluctuations in nonequilibrium statistical mechanics. Part I: Classical dynamical systems ESI (juin 2010)
Scattering induced current in a tight-binding band Cergy (février 2011)
Full counting statistics and time's arrow in open quantum systems CRM-Montreal (Juillet 2011)
Nonequilibrium steady states of open quantum systems Monte Verità (juin 2014)
Landauer's principle in quantum statistical mechanics IHES (mars 2015)